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We employ only the best cleaners in the area.


We use modern machines and detergents.


Flexible working schedule 7 days a week.

Patio Cleaning Palmers Green

patio-cleaning-palmers-greenHas your patio gotten dirty and thus ugly? Does it disrupt the perfect picture of your home exterior? Well, we can help you with that.

We are a cleaning services provider, and if you hire our patio cleaning service, we will clean your patio, driveway or decking and give them a nice fresh look.

With our company you are guaranteed to get the most perfect patio cleaning service in Palmers Green, N13, so pick up the phone and call us for an appointment now.

Pressure CleaningPrices
Patio Cleaning £2.5 /m2
Jet Washing £2.5 /m2

Unequalled Patio Cleaning Service Palmers Green

By choosing our patio cleaning service, you will be choosing a very competent service, that will clean your patio and driveway to a high standard. Here is what else you should know about our company and service:

  • We are offering our clients cleaning service from Monday to Sunday
  • We are very flexible with appointments and payment methods
  • We are available for regular cleaning sessions
  • We have very competitive and cost effective prices
  • We provide the pressure washing machines
  • We are available everywhere in N13

“We had our marble stone patio pressure washed and the technicians did the work to a very high standard. They used high-end machines which removed the stains, algae and dirt from the marble tiles of our patio. It looks perfectly clean and impeccable now thanks to their work.” – Skye

We assure you that our company can take care of your patio and driveway, regardless of what they are made of. Our cleaners work with modern pressure washing machines that can clean any type of paving- block or paving slabs, tarmac, printed concrete, natural or re-constituted stone, etc.

Patio Pressure Washing N13

wooden-deck-cleaning-palmers-greenWe assure you that the high-performance pressure washing machines, that we have equipped our cleaners with, can get rid of all kinds of stains, grease, grime, dust, weeds, moss, algae,etc. We assure you all kinds of cleaning problems you patio or driveway have will be taken care of.

Give us a call a soon as possible so that we can send you a team of our cleaners.

We promise you our cleaners are very detail-oriented and will make sure not even the tiniest spot on your patio is missed. We are offering you the best cleaners and the best patio cleaning service you will find here in Palmers Green, so call us now. Enjoy your brand-new looking and refreshed patio and driveway, and our economical prices.